Leondrino Exchange Announces Two Initial Token Offerings

Leondrino ExcHANGE

We spoke with the very capable management team at Leondrino Exchange last week and we included this news release for our FintekNews friends so you can stay apprised of what is going on in the public  markets.  Many younger fintechs are bypassing Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), with all their regulatory hurdles, and doing Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) instead, or doing crowdfund campaigns.  If you have millennial clients and are not on top of this phemenon, you’re simply out of touch with the way finance for younger start-ups is evolving.  For your reference, we’ve included  some links on Leondrino Exchange to help our readers better understand what firms like this do.

(Cindy Taylor/ Publisher)

NEW YORK, BERLIN – Leondrino Exchange, a currency management as a service provider with a blockchain-based platform and marketplace for organizations to issue their own private, branded currencies, announces the first Initial Token Offerings (ITOs). Two companies, Chargepartner Network and Leaf Systems, will each be publicly issuing their own branded tokens on June 15 as the first step in the life cycle of Leondrino currencies with the goals of raising capital and building a community around their brands.

Established companies as well as startups can issue their own branded currency through Leondrino Exchange to have access to capital indirectly, via a token sale, and to develop strong brand loyalty by rewarding early adopters and investors.  In addition to having a monetary value, these currencies can also be used to redeem vouchers or participate in promotions that are facilitated by the brands.  Consumers can acquire, store and manage all of their currency tokens for free in a Leondrino Wallet.

Two companies will be offering an ITO for limited public sale on June 15, both with the goals of raising capital and building a community around their core customer bases.

Chargepartner, an e-mobility software provider with a modular SaaS offering for the management of electric vehicle charging stations, will extend its business model and offer an eMobility currency that facilitates transactions across their network. Commenting on their upcoming ITO, Hong Thieu, CEO of Chargepartner Network GmbH, said: “The handling of invoices for energy at charging stations is more expensive than the costs of the energy itself. By introducing an eMobility currency based on blockchain technology through Leondrino Exchange, we can reduce the costs of individual transactions across the network. An added bonus of this is that it will increase our network of loyal customers fast.”

To learn more about the Chargepartner ITO visit: http://leondrino.chargepartner.com/bepartofthenetwork

Leaf Systems, an innovative startup digitizing the restaurant business, looks to further build their community of restaurant owners with the creation of the Leaf Restaurant Network – centered around their branded currency.  “Competition is fierce in our industry and we are always looking for new ways to connect with our customers and to grow faster than our competitors,” said Patrick Neulinger, CEO of Leaf Systems GmbH.  “By offering this incredible and innovative value proposition through Leondrino Exchange, we are engaging with our core customer base in a truly unique and innovative way, while raising capital and building a community around our brand.”

To learn more about the Leaf Systems ITO visit: http://leondrino.leaf-systems.eu/

Both ITO’s will be facilitated by the LEX Platform, a proprietary system, created by Leondrino Exchange, based upon blockchain and smart contract technology that allows for the management and regulation of private, branded currencies.  As the currencies are adopted, they will be administrated to follow a pre-defined Leondrino Lifecycle and growth pattern that will eventually result in a sustainable circular economy around each currency – similar to a traditional central bank regulated currency, but based on a unique monetary policy agreed upon by each brand.

“The decision of these startup organizations to use our Leondrino services to raise money and foster their community building through their upcoming ITOs is a huge milestone for our company. We are happy to help our customers achieve their business goals via Leondrino currencies.” said Sandra Leonie Ritter, CEO of Leondrino Exchange, announcing the news during a presentation at Finovate Spring in San Jose on April 26.

Leondrino Exchange is headquartered in New York, NY, with their main development offices in Berlin, Germany. The company has been funded by its founders and an initial seed round in March 2016.

To learn more visit: https://www.leondrino.com