A Look At Fintech & Its Influence on Social Media

Social Media

Social Media has a funny way of influencing the public lexicon in America, and WOW, is it a source of controversy at present with the whole Russia election tampering probe, and last week’s testimonies on the Hill by Google, Facebook and Twitter.  BUT, social media still has much to be commended, and can tell us important facts about industry, too.  Josh Ginsberg, CEO of an interesting firm – Zignal Labs, a self-described media intelligence firms – published a post recently talking about the 3 hottest areas in finance, and lo and behold, fintech (our favorite topic here at FintekNews) – was at the top.  
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

“Last week, news broke that Bank of America’s stock performance has outpaced its peers – with a 14 percent rise since September 1 compared to Wells Fargo (8 percent) and Citigroup (7 percent).

Some have credited news of tax reform for generally giving banks a much-appreciated boost (although certainly GDP growth and increased business investment have also played a role, as others have noted). Beyond tax reform, what are the hottest topics driving the media and social conversations around the financial sector?

We analyzed the full media and social spectrum – from tweets to news coverage – to see what dominated the discussion throughout the third quarter. Here’s what we saw:

Fintech is still capturing imaginations. With more than 60K mentions per week at the beginning of the quarter and 63 percent share of voice, fintech captured a significant chunk of the space. Bitcoin and blockchain were the most mentioned topics. But some of the conversation was most assuredly fueled by fintech’s most mentioned CEO, Taavet Hinrikus. Founder of British startup unicorn TransferWise, Hinrikus floated an IPO mention this summer – and today announced its $280M Series E funding led by Old Mutual Global Investors and Silicon Valley’s IVP, potentially raising its value to $1.6B. If fintech had a “one to watch,” it would obviously be Hinrikus. On the banking side, we saw Barclays pop up the most in conversations on fintech…”

Full Post at Josh Ginsberg/LinkedIn