A Look at Fintech from The Royal Mint

Royal Mint
Every so often the brain needs a little refresher on things that are really important (anniversaries, birthdays, changing technology, etc) and “game changing”. Oh yeah, and the way we invest. So briefly, the Royal Mint (RMG) brings up 3 “game changing” ways fintech is changing the way people invest AND RMG itself has something big coming; a CME partnership to digitize gold. THAT will certainly change the way people invest in gold.

(Bill Taylor/CEO)

If you’re in any way familiar with financial services, then it’s likely that you’ve heard of FinTech by now. But if you haven’t – or if you need a reminder – FinTech (short for “financial technology”) involves the application of technology to make financial services more efficient and accessible.

And it’s now transforming traditional models of wealth management, trading, payments, insurance and many other services in the world of finance. Indeed, executing of a range of financial tasks is now being dramatically altered thanks to the latest FinTech innovations, and making investments are no exception.


To date, the most significant FinTech disruptor in the investment space has been the robo-advisor, the automated wealth management service that uses algorithms to create and optimally maintain an investor’s portfolio. Often (but not exclusively) aimed at those with smaller initial investments, robo-advisory aims to make the entire wealth management process more straightforward, transparent and cost-effective.

For an investor, this often means simply visiting the robo-advisor’s website, completing a questionnaire concerning your investment goals and risk tolerance, and then letting the robo-advisor determine the most suitable investments for your portfolio based on your preferences. And because much of the process is automated, robo-advisory avoids many of the expensive fees associated with traditional (human) investment advisors. American firms Betterment and Wealthfront are two of the world’s biggest robo-advisors. In the UK, it’s Nutmeg and Scalable Capital leading the way.


Arguably, Bitcoin continues to remain the most famed FinTech development. …”

Source: Royal Mint Gold