A Look at Some Recent ICOs Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industy


OK, all of you out there that just (at least over a year ago) learned what blockchain was, recently got “hip” on bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) and have heard/read “something about” ICO’s (initial coin offerings) here is a great article to get up to speed on. ICOs are changing how startups raise capital and are fast becoming a part of the financial system. Of course regulators are scratching their heads on how to integrate ICOs into the system (and should) BUT while they figure that out a NEW word will become ‘hot’; Tokenization (even spell check can’t handle that….yet). That’s a “tease’ for later, but here is a great read on ICOs and how its changing financial markets and capital raising.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“The blockchain is a wonderful thing. It’s only been around for nine years, and it’s already taking the world economy and shaking it by the roots. When it comes to transactions involving money, eliminating the middle-man is not only cost-effective but also far more secure, a fact that has been proven time and again. Beyond your favorite popular cryptocurrencies, however, there is an entire world of startups that are working day and night to revolutionize the blockchain industry and change the world for the better. If you’re considering investing money in initial coin offerings and blockchain startups, consider these first.

The internet has made it a lot more convenient to send and receive money on the fly. There is, however, a huge portion of the world population that still lacks a reliable internet connection, while the reality of the situation remains that we all need to deal in money.  Fiinu, a blockchain-friendly British banking startup that’s working its way up to disrupt the banking system, is trying to address some of these problems in the financial services market. Before they bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized worlds, however, they must complete undergoing formalities with the Bank of England to become a fully licensed and regulated deposit-taking bank. Their utility token sale is about to commence in November.  HumanIQ, a secure mobile application that is free to download, allows you to send and receive money across the world, even with little or no connectivity to the internet. The initial token sale may be over, but there’s still a good chance of making a profitable investment if you participate in their initiative. The Divi Project, a cryptocurrency startup that’s about to launch its token sale on Friday, is working on the creation of easy and sociable smart wallets that allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies via a decentralized marketplace…”

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