Major Industry Summit for Bitcoin’s Future Scheduled For May

Bitcoin's Future
Oh, there seems to be an “exclusive” group that gets together (or plans to) to discuss ongoing issues with Bitcoin. It is scheduled for May and lets hope there is something left to discuss since it seems the various factions are already killing trust in the new cryptocurrency. At least these top invitees are looking to do something and get a cohesive vision. Hey, if they can “fix” cryptocurrencies maybe they can tackle U.S. healthcare and congress next.

(Bill Taylor/CEO)

A small group of bitcoin industry leaders, developers and miners are planning to discuss the digital currency’s development roadmap at an invite-only meeting in May.

A notice of the gathering, as well as a list of potential guests, was posted to a private mailing list today, with participants reportedly including major players from the ongoing, and recently active, scaling debate. owner Roger Ver, Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, Blockchain CEO Peter Smith are among those listed as possible attendees.

Other participants suggested to be attending include Bloq CEO Jeff Garzik, an undecided representative from BitGo and Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert.

“It is certainly my hope that each of you see somebody below that you know and trust to advocate for – and hopefully agree on – a path forward that is best for our industry,” Silbert wrote in the mailing list message.

DCG confirmed it is helping to organize the meeting, which would be held in New York in May.

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair and Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu confirmed they were participating in statements to CoinDesk.

Though some declined to comment, others indicated that they are keen to use the venue as a way to increase their understanding of ongoing disagreements.

“I am hoping to better understand what those that want a hard fork are hoping to achieve. We think a hard fork is unnecessary and that their goals could very likely be achieved without one. But I would like to hear their reasoning,” Pair said.

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