Malware by Name

Note from the CEO: Let’s call it what it is. Ransomware is extortion. Plain and simple. Here the ‘extorters’ have names (no address of phone, damn) by way of Malwarebytes.

Take a look at these evil doers. There are a whole lot of different ransomware “strains” out there and they have grown exponentially this year. Obviously some seem to continue coming back more frequently than others. Here are three based on the main families of malware. Read about crime and know the names, and remember, they love to extort banks and fintechs, too.

“Even though the number of different ransomware strains has grown exponentially throughout 2016, three types seem to come back more often than not. That is not entirely surprising, as most forms of ransomware are based on the three main families of malware. The latest MalwareBytes report indicates only those that are suspicious, which is quite troublesome in its own right.

#3 Cerber

Cerber is by far the most commonly distributed form of ransomware. We discussed this type of malware at length in a previous article.However, the developers of Cerber continue to step up their game every quarter, making life far more difficult for security researchers than ever before…….

#2 Locky

Locky is perhaps the ransomware family with the most mainstream media coverage this year. Some experts even see Locky as the malware of both the present and the future, with many more improvements yet to come…………….

#1 CryptoWall

Closing out the top three is CryptoWall, one of the oldest types of ransomware to still pose a significant threat to consumers and enterprises. Most people have heard this name before, even though CryptoWall exists in many different forms. …….

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