KBW NASDAQ Fintech Index-3/2 Closing Analysis

Nasdaq KFTX Fintech Index
Back down like a yo yo. The party is back off again and the fintech sector is really quite weak and showing strain. Following yesterday’s new high in the KFTX the index surrendered 10.19 points (-0.88%) today to settle back at 1146.18. Party on, party off, party on and party off. Last day tomorrow for the tie breaker.

One thing, volatility is returning which means there should be a lot more stocks than recently moving 2 points and/or 3% today. Lets take a look.

ACIW  +3.10  (22.81)  +15.73% (wow, nice trend bucking)
ADS  -3.68  (243.94)
BOFI  -2.47  (29.64)  -7.69%
CME  -2.76  (124.24)
ENV  -2.70  (37.20)  -6.77%
FLT  -2.13  (162.62)
MKTX  -5.79  (191.95)
RATE  -.45  (11.00)  -3.93%
TREE -2.10  (117.20)
WEX  -2.14  (108.89)

Once again, the advance/decline of the 50 stocks in the KFTX flipped flopped with today having 7 issues up, 42 down and 1 unchanged. Last three days have have had the exact same A/D but reversed. Just thought I’d throw that out.

Tomorrow Fed Chair Yellen speaks and, of course, everyone will be on pins and needles. Fed funds are pricing in a 90% probability of a .25% rate hike March 15 so unless she says something HUGE, no big deal. Action today says CAUTION and CAUTION on steroids. I think we have some trouble brewing. Have a great night.
By Bill Taylor-CEO, FintekNews & CIO, TLC Capital Group