Mastercard Goes Blockchain

Note from the CEO: Mastercard is seeking “playmates” (no, not the kind with bunny ears). Seems the credit card company was “told” by a large investor that they need to get into this new blockchainy thing………fast since a rival was well ahead. So, Mastercard’s blockchain is opening its API’s to developers to experiment. Hmmmm, get those NDA’s signed.

Credit card conglomerate Mastercard has added three new blockchain APIs to its development site that allow developers to use the company’s blockchain technology in an effort to promote experimentation of the tool…

‘This is part of our initiative to publish experimental APIs from Mastercard Labs and give developers the chance to work on emerging technologies that haven’t yet been commercialized by us,’ explained Mastercard Blockchain Head Justin Pinkham in an interview with CoinDesk. ‘We believe that there is a role of blockchain in the future of commerce. This future needs to be developed in partnership with banks, merchants and industry participants.’

The company’s investment in blockchain technology could signal a new proactive approach to the technology after Mastercard investor Sequoia Fund warned the credit card firm that blockchain could threaten the company’s dominance in the payments industry.”