Mastercard Rolls Out Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology
Mastercard wants your business……and your fingerprints. Better known as “biometric technology”, Mastercard trial tested the security concept in South Africa and is now ready for rollout. A great new level of security BUT the fingerprint sensors are not foolproof. ANYTHING you touched has your prints on it so if someones steals your glass of wine along with your Mastercard they are good to party. This is a very cool read.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“A payment card featuring a fingerprint sensor has been unveiled by credit card provider Mastercard.

The rollout follows two successful trials in South Africa.

The technology works in the same way as it does with mobile phone payments: users must have their finger over the sensor when making a purchase.

Security experts have said that while using fingerprints is not foolproof, it is a “sensible” use of biometric technology.

Mastercard’s chief of safety and security, Ajay Bhalla, said that the fingerprint technology would help “to deliver additional convenience and security. It is not something that can be taken or replicated.”
However, fingerprint sensors can be compromised.

Card holders must place their finger over the square sensor when using the card for a transaction…”

Souce: BBC