McDonalds of Blockchain?

Note from the CEO: Will Deloitte (actually Deloitte Consulting LLP) become the McDonalds of blockchain? Well no, but this “D” is opening fintech hubs around the world to help their clients adapt new blockchain technology. Ireland was first, New York is second and a whole lot more coming. A “Happy Meal” with blockchain guidance please.

Deloitte Consulting has fully embraced the new fintech technology (specifically blockchain) with an initiative dubbed “Grid by Deloitte” which will create a network of labs around the globe to develop and assist clients adaption to blockchain. Basically Deloitte is “all in” on innovation and aims to be the “go to” firm for companies as they implement new fintech solutions. Go Deloitte.

“Consultancy giant Deloitte has opened a client-focused blockchain lab in New York’s Wall Street district.

This builds on Deloitte’s broader digital transformation and innovation efforts, called “Grid by Deloitte,” which constitutes a network of labs around the world, among other initiatives. Deloitte Ireland opened the first blockchain lab in May, making the New York lab at 140 Broadway the second formal hub in Deloitte’s global network. Deloitte expects to announce additional formal labs in 2017.

Joe Guastella, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and global financial services consulting leader, said: “Innovation is a top priority for Deloitte – we continue to strategically invest in our capabilities to help clients adapt to a world where success or survival depends heavily on innovation.

“Our ecosystem for education, ideation, strategy, application prototyping and development is there to support Deloitte’s clients and practitioners across industries in harnessing the opportunities and capabilities that blockchain technology has to offer.”

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