Messaging App Telegram’s $2B ICO Garnering Hesitation


Is TELEGRAM experiencing hesitation about its $2 billion ICO dream? Well, not the company itself, BUT potential investors are a bit……..shall we say, skeptical? Yeah, let’s say skeptical. Telegram is a Russian created secure messaging service with close to 200 million worldwide users that aims to be a real threat to sites such as Facebook (as a side note, Telegram was THE “go to” source of information and communication last month when there were popular “disturbances” in Iran). Telegram is a highly ambitious undertaking (like knocking off Facebook) on a global scale.

BUT, they aim to raise $2 billion via an ICO (initial coin offering) which would be 10 times larger than the biggest ICO so far and skeptics and detractors “are “kicking the tires” and “peeking under the hood” and seeing things they don’t like. The cry is too much hype, too much marketing fluff and relying heavily on FOMO (fear of missing out) AND, some say, the numbers just don’t work (I know, same thing about Tesla). In any event, time will tell and all we can say is Good Luck, Telegram.
(Bill Taylor/Founding Editor)

  • “Telegram is raising up to $2 billion to develop a messaging and commerce platform on a new blockchain.
  • Tech investors are split on whether the investment is a can’t-miss opportunity or the scam of the decade.
  • One crypto investor writes: “I certainly would not put a single cent I care more than nil about losing into this.”

Woody Levin left his gig as vice president at software company DocuSign in early February to start a crypto hedge fund. As a full-time cryptocurrency investor, he now has one primary source of information: Telegram.

With close to 200 million users worldwide, the Russian-created secure messaging service Telegram has become the universal communications hub for crypto enthusiasts like Levin, whether for sharing news and tips or marketing a token sale for a new niche project.

“Telegram is my crypto world,” said Levin, whose San Francisco-based firm has about $25 million in assets. He used to have Facebook open constantly in a tab on his web browser and would check it periodically throughout the day. Telegram has replaced it…”

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