Micro-Investing – America’s New Great Hope?

Note from the Publisher:  We consider ourselves fortunate to count Dara Albright as a friend.  More importantly though, she is a tireless advocate for the P2P and micro-finance industries.  Sit with Dara for half an hour and you see a woman who is convinced beyond question that America’s middle- and lower-classes can only hope to regain the rates of returns that they once enjoyed through these types of democratized investment vehicles.  Dara recently published an article on this topic and we encourage you to click through to her site to read the full piece.  It is an optimistic, informative read and well worth your time.

“Developed in 1952 by Harry Markowitz, the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is premised on the notion that portfolio returns can be maximized by spreading risk across many different investments. With an estimated $7 trillion in institutional assets currently invested in accordance with the methodologies of MPT, it continues to be one of the most important and effective strategies of modern investing for both institutional and retail investors alike.

Any financial planner will attest that diversification has become a fundamental component of nearly every retirement portfolio. Some would even argue that having a properly diversified retirement portfolio is about as crucial as possessing retirement savings at all.”

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