Microsoft’s Ethereum BaaS

Note from the Publisher:  Microsoft is about to enter the Blockchain-as-a-Service, competing with the likes of IBM for what it believes will be massive new market for multiple applicatios.  Both Bitcoion and Ethereum have underlying blockchain protocols, and while the cryptocurrency Ethereum has experienced several hacks recently, many believe its underlying blockchain technology is superior to that of Bitcoin, and obviously Microsoft is one of them.  This is MORE big news on blockchain, which is taking over the world.

“Microsoft will soon enter the next phase of its blockchain work with the formal launch of its Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network.

If successful, Microsoft hopes the project will help entire industries work together to more easily build increasingly complex consortia that better leverage the network effects of shared, immutable ledgers.

As such, a major point of emphasis for the Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network will be usability. The product has been designed so that groups of companies can deploy a private ethereum network with a single click.

Released privately to Github earlier this month, the streamlined set-up process and new features are part of a larger push by Microsoft toward blockchain that has to date focused mostly on its Azure cloud product as well as the enterprise business market.”

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