Microsoft’s “Legal Insurance” for Cloud Customers

Wow! Now this is a super perk for users of Microsoft’s cloud customers. Having patent protection for new applications and services is much needed but hard to understand and get. Now, there is a friend in high places (the cloud) to assist the “unprotected”. Very cool.

With a brilliant marketing move and a sure fire way to distinguish itself from competitors in the rapidly growing internet-based computing. (Bill Taylor/CEO)

Microsoft Corp. will help cloud customers fend off patent lawsuits and expand coverage of related litigation costs, seeking to distinguish its services from rivals in the fast-growing market for internet-based computing.

As more companies host their applications and services on Microsoft’s Azure and other cloud providers, they are increasingly becoming the target of lawsuits from companies seeking to make money by claiming patent infringement. 

Microsoft, the second-biggest cloud infrastructure services vendor behind Inc., will help customers fight back by offering them one of its own patents to deter or defeat such suits. The software giant will also expand a program in which Microsoft provides funds or legal resources to fend off claims, known as indemnification.”

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