Microsoft Moves Further Into Artificial Intelligence

Its getting more crowded up in the clouds with Microsoft introducing new AI and industrial sensors. Seems “Big Softy” is going after Oracle, Amazon and others with this new service. It’s just amazing all the new apps that artificial intelligence opens on a daily basis.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Microsoft Corp. is showing off new cloud services for AI and industrial sensors as well as database software tools designed to give Oracle Corp. a headache.

One artificial intelligence service uses the company’s ability to automatically translate languages to add subtitles to PowerPoint presentations, while another lets customers index video to identify a particular speaker by sight or tag when a word or phrase is uttered, company executives said. The indexer can be used both to find specific things in hours of footage and to better match ads to clips. Microsoft’s collection of AI services for customers now numbers 29.

At the Build developer conference in Seattle, Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella highlighted Azure cloud services for the Internet of Things, in which multiple sensors and smaller computing devices track data that can be analyzed by Microsoft’s cloud and AI tools. Where the company’s previous focus has been on transferring that information back to its data centers to analyze, Azure IoT Edge will allow that computing to take place on-site in local computing devices to speed things up. The focus is initially on industrial applications, and Nadella demonstrated how this approach allows faster responses to things like malfunctioning equipment at Sweden’s Sandvik Coromant, a maker of metal-cutting tools.

“You can’t rendezvous all your data in the cloud,” Nadella said. “You want to be able to write logic that reacts to these events.”  He showcased a future scenario called AI for Workplace Safety, in which a construction site can tag pieces of equipment with properties like how it should be placed and used, as well as who can use it…”

Source: Bloomberg