The Millennial Bitcoin Trader Publishes New Bitcoin Sentiment Videos

Millennial Bitcoin Trader

Continuing in our series by our Millennial Bitcoin Trader Bennett Stein, we are featuring his latest four videos on bitcoin sentiment.  If you haven’t already seen his prior pieces, you can do so at this link, and we encourage you to watch what this college student is doing in the cryptocurrency space.  He’s a force to be reckoned with.
Cindy Taylor/Publisher

By Bennett Stein – I have recently finished my newest series of reading Bitcoin Sentiment using I firmly believe that of all of my videos that I have produced – this series is the most unique and the most useful as I know that many traders are very eager to learn how to analyze the market from a mass market perspective.

There is technical analysis, there is fundamental analysis and then there is the third lesser known type of analysis: Sentiment Analysis. Instead of relying on a chart or on the news – sentiment analysis takes a look at what the majority of other traders are doing within the market and gives you an opportunity of doing the opposite. It is a well-known fact that 90% of traders lose money in the market and this is primarily due to emotions of fear and greed. A sentiment trader has the advantage of identifying these emotions as they materialize into market tops (extreme greed) and market bottoms (extreme fear). After identifying these emotions as they materialize on a chart, a seasoned sentiment trader will take the other side of the trade and trade with the institutional traders instead of acting upon the same emotions of the retail trader masses.

The first video in this 4-part series – “Reading Bitcoin Sentiment – Long vs Short Positions” -begins with taking a look at two strategies one can use when examining the change in margin long and short positions.

The second video – “Reading Bitcoin Sentiment – 3 Stages” – covers the three psychological stages that long and short positions go through in a trending market.

The third video – “Reading Bitcoin Sentiment – Buy vs Sell Volume” – examines volume spikes that occur at market tops and market bottoms where feelings of extreme fear and greed are taking place.

The final video – “Reading Bitcoin Sentiment – Sentiment with an Uptrend” – puts all sentiment topics together and looks at how sentiment factors play out in an uptrend.

The full series can be viewed through this YouTube link: