Mine Your Own Business

Note from the CEO:  This article is timed perfectly (at least for FintekNews) since I just had a long-time friend approach FintekNews about mining a currency. Even I can understand this reading and am ready to go down in the mine. It’s like coal, right?

“Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who show an interest in mining at home have a few different options at their disposal today. One of the more particularly attractive options is to dual-mine Ethereum together with either Decred or Siacoin. Since all of these currencies use the same mining algorithm, there is very little code setup required to get started……

(T)he concept of mining multiple currencies at the same time is not new by any means. Bitcoin users have the option to mine BTC together with other relatively unknown currencies. IN the Ethereum world, things are a bit different, as dual-mining is the primary objective, rather than merge mining.”

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