MIT’s Online Fintech Course

FINTEKNEWS PARTNER:  Already half way through its second presentation, the 12-week online MIT Fintech certificate course: Future Commerce, presented in collaboration with online education company GetSmarter, has been a resounding success for both students and conveners.

Of the 1,080 students who enrolled on the first presentation, over 91% of of those surveyed said they would be highly likely to recommend the course to a friend or colleague based on the quality of MIT’s course content alone. 

David Shrier, Managing Director of MIT Connection Science and Lead Instructor on the course explains what the content covers:

“Through the course of this 12-week online class, you will be exposed to the future of money, commerce, and payments: disruptive technologies, like blockchain, leading to the rise of new currencies; you will explore innovation in financial markets; how new technologies around data and analytics, for example, are creating the ability to predict the future price of a security with great accuracy.”

And it’s not just the content itself that’s impressive.

The course offers unparalleled access to thought leaders in fintech while you undergo theoretical knowledge development, as well as hands-on experience of financial innovation.

Through a series of video lectures, students hear from leading minds in the form of their MIT Course Instructors, along with a selection of more than 30 industry innovators from companies such as Yodlee, Hub Culture, Ripple and BitFury (to name a few) appearing as guest lecturers.

“The overall experience has greatly exceeded my expectations.” says Senior Managing Director Andrew Kennell, a student on the first presentation. “I have been astounded by the quality of the work and the programme. MIT is a signal of quality, it is the platinum standard, and has been extremely good value for money.”

So, quality content and influential instructors – what else?

There are powerful opportunities to network.

Over 1,000 students joined the first presentation, and just under that same amount joined the second. Professionals signed up from across the US, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Australia, and throughout Europe, including leaders in banking, technology, investments, and insurance. Considering that the course includes a strong business component, it’s no surprise that both intra- and entrepreneurs joined in.

“This experience has been a tremendous experience, specifically as it relates to the networking aspect.” noted Angel Lorente, a financial services professional from New York City. “I really think that the opportunity to network…is extremely important.”

See what else Angel and his classmates had to say in this short video.

The course follows a personalized, people-mediated approach to online learning.

Why should high-touch learning stop in the physical classroom? GetSmarter, the online learning provider for the MIT Fintech course, doesn’t believe that it should, and so has developed a unique learning model centred around people.

Through a network of Tutors, Performance Coaches and Tech Support, student progress is constantly tracked throughout the weekly modules. This ensures that individual needs are attended to, technical challenges are resolved and students feel supported through every step of their learning journey.

“I was really surprised by the high-touch, almost on-demand concierge service.” said Puay Fong Oh, who lives in Singapore. “I am very happy and I really have no complaints.”

Hear more from her, and her fellow students, in this 3-minute video.

Students who successfully complete the course earn an MIT certificate, and walk away with a practical portfolio of evidence in the form of a capstone project: a strategic report on the state of fintech innovation, or an investment thesis and business plan.

Want to find out more about the MIT Fintech certificate course: Future Commerce? Visit the course page if you’re looking for more information, or register here to join the next presentation.