More South Florida Fintech Growth

When a firm with 33 employees says it’s hiring 50 more, that would be a sign that they’re doing QUITE well.  Such is the case with Sunrise, Florida-based Synechron which is a digital consultant to the financial space.  They’ve also recently invested in the South Florida Accelerator, which we reported last week.  Looks like some interesting things are going on in fintech in the Sunshine State!

‘Synechron, a financial tech company with an office in Sunrise, said it plans to add 50 software developers and engineers to its workforce of 33.

The company also announced it has become an investor and partner with the South Florida Accelerator, which said it is launching a “fin-tech” innovation lab and accelerator at Synechron’s office. 

“We’re on a hiring spree,”  said Jimmy Thomas, senior director of Synechron, at 1571 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway. He said the business has focused on the banking industry and now is leveraging its technology for other industries.

The partnership was brokered in part by Innovation Florida’s executive director Maria Sachs, former Florida state senator. Sachs said the partnership “will bring numerous opportunities to the region and create more jobs; especially for Florida’s new university grads.”’

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