Mr. Bitcoin… “Thx Japan!”

Note from the CEO:  Thank you Japan. Bitcoin says please keep your silly non-working monetary policy going. Keep trying to “devalue” the Yen. Mr. Bitcoin is looking forward to becoming the most popular celebrity/currency in cherry blossom land. “I am the answer” Mr. Bitcoin is quoted as saying. Soon, worldwide too.

“….Japan is one of the few countries in Asia where there is, in fact, economic growth. Then again, a 0.2% boost in GDP is not that spectacular either. The approach of pumping more money into the local economy is no longer providing adequate results….In this day and age, the financial ecosystem we live in has turned into a very odd creature. National currencies losing value spells imminent problems, but the same applies to those currencies surging in value. The Japanese Yen is one of those coins which, due to its price increase, has been hurting exporters in the country.

…(N)one of this is good news for businesses and individuals living in Japan right now….Japanese exchanges have seen an uptick in Bitcoin volume over the past few months, and that trend may continue for the foreseeable future.”

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