Mr. Robot Into Bitcoin

Note from the Publisher:  Popular culture is starting to catch onto the digital currency bitcoin, just as new crypto-currencies like ether start to gain traction.  You gotta be fast and ahead of the curve if you’re going to play in the digital currency space, network people.  Fun read, though! 

“The new season of popular TV Show Mr. Robot is almost upon us. A ‘bridging’ episode between the end of season one and the upcoming season aired about a week ago. For people who have paid close attention to detail, the number of Bitcoin references in this episode was amazing.  Interestingly enough, the ‘doom scenario’ pictured in that episode is not that unlikely.

There were many positive Bitcoin references to take away from this particular episode. Although some people may wonder how the Mr. Robot episode got leaked on the internet, it appears USA Network aired it on purpose. Interestingly enough, they did so three days before the broadcast of season two would begin, which is scheduled to air later today.”

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