NASDAQ Develops Innovative Artificial Intelligence Trade Application

From FintekNews:  Our crack writing team has unearthed this (wholly fictional) scoop on the newest innovation coming from a leading financial exchange……….enjoy and share!

NASDAQ, one of the world’s largest financial exchanges is also one of the most technology savvy companies in the world. Its innovative new divisions are deeply involved in all facets of financial services not the least of which is cutting edge technology. NASDAQ, also a leader in blockchain technology, has now developed its own new artificial intelligence application called “NASDOZE”.  This app will allow users to initiate robotic trades on any financial instrument, on any financial market in the world, ALL while sleeping. Using artificial intelligence to tap into the user’s dreams, the sleeper will be able to “dream” about the perfect trade and have them executed before waking up.

(Note of caution: Filters to block nightmares of previous bad trades have not been perfected yet. Sleep at your own risk.)