New Episode of Innovations Series to Explore Breakthroughs in Blockchain Technology and the Insurance Industry

Today, individuals and corporates are viewing insurance as an asset class within their investment portfolio. However, barriers to entry, such as high mortality charges, difficulties in sourcing policies, and the manual transfer process, make it prohibitive to invest in an insurance policy. Policies purchased from the open market have various advantages due to the nature of how insurance products are structured, however, getting access to tradable policies from a trustless and reliable platform is not as straightforward.

In this segment, Innovations will focus on fidentiaX, the world’s first marketplace for tradable insurance policies powered by Blockchain Technology. Viewers will learn how fidentiaX’s membership-based ecosystem provides a liquidity alternative to existing policyholders through a transparent, fair, and efficient platform, which allows tokenization of their existing policies.

In addition, the show will explore how fidentiaX is developing a trustless marketplace for buyers exploring tradable policies as part of their investment portfolio by leveraging on blockchain technology and its benefits to provide a secured transactional ecosystem.

“fidentiaX is delighted to be featured on award-winning Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr. television series. This is a fantastic opportunity to share the vision behind fidentiaX’s marketplace, and show how we strive to disrupt the status quo by leveraging on blockchain technology, said Alvin Ang, CEO, Co-founder, fidentiaX Ltd.

He continued, “Policyholders’ are often disadvantaged due to the lack of awareness that their insurance policies are tradable asset and there is alternative liquidity option in times of need. Its time we put policyholders back in the driver’s seat with the help of technology.”

“The model portfolio will be used to demonstrate the advantages of having tradable policies as part of an investment strategy,” said Michael Devine, Senior Producer for the Innovations series. “The returns generated from the portfolio will be used to fund future development of the ecosystem. We look forward to bringing this information to the public.”