New Fintech Influencer List

Note from the CEO:  Hmmmmmmmm, another list of top influencers in the fintech sphere. We just ran another list – Bitcoin Blockchain Power 100 – a few days ago.  Check to see if you are on this list, but if you aren’t don’t worry, neither are Kim Kardashian or Brad Pitt (he’s busy right now).

“These are exciting times for financial services. On one hand, several FinTech startups are providing solutions for specific problems and on the other, incumbents are bringing more digitization and tech-enabled products to their existing customers. The ongoing debate between banks and FinTechs at war is also giving way to collaboration, partnership and acquisition…….

The FinTech influencers list is based on both thinkers and doers in the FinTech and FinServ space. It includes startup founders/CXOs, bankers, technologists, industry experts/advisors, regulators and people who run associations and industry bodies.”

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