New Fintech School

Note from the CEO:  Silicon Valley is going to get a new school since it seems Stanford and Cal are just so last year. Actually it’s a fintech school with the very catchy name FinTech School. Wow, now THAT’S innovation. Wonder if they will field a football team too?

The very heart of Silicon Valley is getting the first location of FinTech School that will concentrate on training the Financial Services industry, service providers and major universities. Since the FinTech School’s parent, a Fintech Portfolio company, has an extensive network of entrepreneurs and industry experts it aims to train people, corporations and universities all around the globe who are interested in financial technology. There will be on and offline content and with partners such as IBM, Moody’s and Wharton it should be quite successful. Watch out Stanford.

Featuring major clients and partners like IBM, Moody’s and The Wharton School of Business, FinTech School launches its first location in the heart of Silicon Valley to train the Financial Services industry, its service providers and major universities.

FinTech School, a FinTech Portfolio company, leverages its network of subject matter experts and practicing entrepreneurs to bring affordable and practical training to people, corporations and universities across the world who are interested in financial technology (FinTech) via highly curated on and offline content.

They have partnered with advisors and consultants to financial institutions such as Moody’s and IBM to provide onsite workshops and custom-made programs to advice their clients on FinTech trends, regulatory affairs, business models and strategic product development.

“The FinTech School continues to be a great partner delivering on-site training programs and fintech innovation tours to the largest financial institutions from China. We look forward to launching our joint offering to service our 800,000 alumni with online fintech training” said Yawe Cui, Moody’s Senior Academic Director & Chief Interpreter.

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