New Free AI-Driven Investment Platform

Note from the Publisher:  Wealth managers, beware.  There is yet another new FREE (for now) investment platform that’s just hit the market – this time featuring robust artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is all the rage in the latest new fintech startups. 

“It is impossible to deny the impact artificial intelligence will have on the financial sector in the coming years. Many Fintech startups see this technology as a way to remove entry barriers for investment platforms. Kavout has been thinking along those same lines, as they launched their free artificial intelligence-driven investment platform not too long ago.

Investment platforms are not always easy to make sense of, except when one is an experienced investor. Kavout wants to address this problem by creating an actionable investment intelligence. Doing so hinges on various innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

Wall Street has been keeping tabs on the progress made in the field of artificial intelligence for financial purposes. The primary objective of these platforms it to outcompete the market. However, very few of these tools will be made available to investors all over the world.”

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