New P2P PE Fund-7 Year Lock Up?

Note from the Publisher:  So Marshall Wace, a London-based hedge fund with backing from KKR, is apparently looking to launch a new P2P Private Equity Fund that will invest in P2P and marketplace lending loans.  Sound great, right, since they’ve already done this successfully with an Investment Trust that they launched in 2014.  The catch?  7 YEAR LOCKUP!!!  At least it’s better than Japanese bonds right now – 50 year lockup there.  It’s kind of ironic, though, isn’t it that a firm investing in cutting edge, rapidly moving, state of the art loans procured through fintech portals requires a 7 year lockup on investor funds.  As our CEO often likes to say, “what could possibly go wrong there”? 

“Hedge fund Marshall Wace’s subsidiary MW Eaglewood is raising money for a private equity version of its billion-dollar investment trust that invests in peer-to-peer and marketplace lending loans, a source told Reuters.

MW Eaglewood’s new private equity fund, targeting to raise $300 million by the end of 2016, replicates investment trust P2P Global Investments, the source said.

It will lock up investor capital for seven years.

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