Video Series on Blockchain

Note from the Publisher:  Lest you think we cover this whole “blockchain thing” WAY too much on our site, we say AU CONTRAIRE, MY FRIEND.  Two notes on that.  First, there’s just TONS of stories in the last week about a number firms starting to file patents on certain uses of blockchain pertaining to trading and settlements, and one of those is NASDAQ, my friend.  SECOND, while we’ve been YELLING FROM THE TREES about blockchain, there’s a little site bought by AOL called “TechCrunch” (yup, I’m sure you’ve heard of them) who is a launching a 6 part video series on blockchain online this week entitled “Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain”.  Wish FintekNews could do that – maybe if we had a nice investor who saw BIG POTENTIAL in what we’re doing here????  Anyway, check it out – it’s eye-opening.

“We have a new series launching this week called Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain. The six-episode series examines the rise of Bitcoin and the tech that allows it to operate.

The first episode will answer all your questions about the Bitcoin platform and how it works. Why did futurists want to create a totally digital currency? How would it work? What will the effects of Bitcoin and the blockchain have on the future of our economy?”

Read Full Article at TechCrunch

Watch First Two Episodes Here