North Americans Open to Robos

Note from the Publisher:  In case banks and wealth managers are in any state of denial about this, a recent Accenture survey shows how willing and ready North Americans are to utilize robos for assistance in managing investments, assisting with the types of bank accounts to open, and retirement planning.

“Nearly half of North American bank customers are open to ditching human expertise for automated, computer-generated advice and services, according to a survey from Accenture.

Of more than 4000 people in the US and Canada quizzed by Accenture, 79% say that they would welcome robo-advice to determine how to allocate investments, 74% to pick the type of bank account they should open, and 69% to help in retirement planning.

For half of respondents, speed and convenience is the top benefit of robo-advice, with lower costs cited by 29%. Millennials and mass-affluent consumers are the most interest in the service.”

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