Not So Fintech News – The Story of Harvey the Hurricane Hawk


Hurricane Harvey is being covered 24/7 non-stop and the havoc it is wreaking is unimaginable and overwhelmingly sad in scale.  Still there are many bright & shining moments amongst all the sadness – including the coverage of the “Cajun Navy” of citizen boaters who have deployed from Louisiana to help their fellow Texas neighbors out, countless stories of “everyday people” going door to door to pull stranded folks out of their flooded homes, the incredible feats of the Coast Guard and their brilliant helicopter fleet, and the amazing work of the American Red Cross to shelter & feed all the people displaced & in need.

Amongst all of this comes a story of great levity about Harvey the Hurricane Hawk.  If you watch CNBC or other networks, you’ve probably already heard about the Harvey the Hurricane Hawk, and indeed there’s already an uproar about the “decorations” of the apartment of its rescuer, where it briefly ended up, although I thought the well stocked bar that it is perched in front of in the photo above and the chicken hearts it was fed (who even has that in their refrigerator?) was hilarious, not to mention the fight over the pancake mix between the videographer “Guru Benny Boo Boo”  and the bird’s rescuer, and the commentary on the “classy” anchor women on television.  Later the neighborhood cat Pickles ends up at his home as well for shelter and ends up perched on “the Guru’s” head.  Endless hilarity, and indeed the videos have gone viral and ticked up tens, and in some cases hundreds, of thousands of views each.

We just invite you to watch the “Cheech and Chong” like antics of the rescuer and his friend in the videos below and just take a moment to laugh.  No politics, no hurricanes, no social commentary – just watch it and enjoy the moment.  We suspect that an enterprising young indigo filmographer could make a great documentary over this whole sequence some day.  And happily, the bird was ultimately and picked up by a wildlife rescue organization and that is the final video in the sequence.

Remember, there is a silver lining in every storm cloud!

Video 1

1st Update
2nd Update
3rd Update
4th Update
5th Update
6th Update
7th Update
Final Update

Neighborhood Cat Pickles stops by for hurricane refuge as well

Over and out from the “Not So Fintech News Team”.