A Note from the Father of the Godfather of Fintech

godfather of fintech

You have likely heard of Ron Suber, the “godfather of fintech”, and we’ve published several pieces on him in the past.  Gordon would be his dad, and he wrote a lovely piece about the P2P industry and the future path for Ron, President Emeritus of Prosper, in a very touching post published on Lend Academy last week.  No further pontificating from us, just read it and smile at the admiration and wisdom one man shows for his son, and hope he shows for the future of a growing and important industry.
(Cindy Taylor, Publisher)

“I don’t have center court seats at Madison Square Garden, nor 50 yard line tickets. I did, however, have a once-in-a-lifetime front row seat to the creation of a new industry.

I am Gordon Suber, Ron Suber’s father.

Like many, I heard of the nascent peer-to-peer industry in 2012. It was explained, it was demonstrated, I read all about it. Like others, I had concern and suspicion that it wasn’t real, was perhaps a Ponzi scheme or just a fad. Nevertheless, I opened accounts at a couple of platforms to try it myself.

At the then new food court in the basement of the Plaza Hotel, l met young Matt Burton and listened to the platform that he was proposing to start soon; I read Lend Academy to stay up with news. I attended numerous Lendit conferences, meet-ups and other industry gatherings.

As we now know, peer-to-peer is a multibillion dollar global phenomenon that has become a new asset class for people and institutions around the world. I congratulate the pioneers for their passion, commitment and investing time and money to make it all happen…

Source: LendAcademy