Novopayment’s New Bots

Note from the Publisher:  American fintech has a funny way of looking like international fintech.  For instance, Georgia (our state) is the third largest state in the US for fintech firm revenues (behind California and New York) and 70% of all INTERNATIONAL payment card transactions pass through the state.  In that same vein, Florida has become a surprising new fintech hub, but for Latin American-centric fintechs.  One such firm is NovoPayment based in Miami, but serving the Latin American market, and they’ve just added bot capabilities to their platform.  Now we’re really not in love with bots in fintech applications – they kind of drive us crazy personally as an end user – but we get that they are the future, so it’s important to note that this company now has this capability. 

“NovoPayment, Latin America’s leading fintech firm and a frontrunner in enabling payments and financial services innovation throughout the Americas, today announced the availability of Messenger integration within its platform, allowing its clients — including banks, financial institutions, retailers, and travel organizations – the ability to quickly automate interactions with their customers in engaging, new ways.

According to the company, its new bot capabilities will allow clients’ end users to perform automated functions, such as opening accounts, checking balances and transaction histories, making peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, watching tutorial videos and having common help questions answered within Messenger. Organizations working with NovoPayment will now be able to offer a new set of transactional and service experiences to their customers all while ensuring privacy, security, and compliance.
“We’re helping our clients to quickly configure and deploy their own bots for Messenger, accelerating innovation and generating new, mobile, differentiated and engaging transaction streams with limited intrusion,” said NovoPayment’s CEO, Anabel Perez. “We look forward to continuing to explore the market for new, customized Messenger services, helping organizations to leverage this powerful technology,” she added.”