Now There’s “Outcomecoin”

Note from the CEO:  Another new innovation and twist on the outcome prediction sector. Never mind it is built on the evolution of the Ethereum digital currency platform, anything that can predict an outcome on things……well, we’re in. Market outcome? Election outcome (oops Brexit)? First date outcome? Just thinking.

“Prediction markets will be an integral evolution of the Ethereum platform. For now, many different projects are in development, but there is nothing that will take this project mainstream just yet. OutcomeCoin is a new initiative built on top of the Ethereum……

There is always room for more than one prediction market in this world. While Augur has been getting a lot of media attention as of late, they will not be the only project with this business model moving forward……

Whether or not OutcomeCoin can become that challenger remains to be seen. But it’s nice to see some competitors emerge in the prediction market industry. Cryptocurrency is all about distribution and decentralization, which means users should not rely on one project for a particular purpose in the future.”

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(As an aside, at the time this story was input into our publishing system on Saturday, 8/6, the OutcomeCoin site was not functioning)