Odds of Uber IPO vs Bitcoin Rise


So it turns out that there is a gambling market for just about anything – whodda thunk – but I should know better.  While we don’t promote or endorse gambling of any sort, we thought the following post was rather intriguing in theory, and thought our readers would either enjoy it or get a chuckle out of it. And consider this – what if Uber starts accepting Bitcoin at some point?  Hmmmm……anyway, check it out.  

Cindy Taylor/FintekNews

by Robert Crossman

SportsBetting.AG, a gambling service and oddsmaker, has set odds on Uber’s impending IPO as well as the value of Bitcoin at month’s end.

The below numbers suggest Uber will be higher than Lyft with its opening valuation, but that it will also close below the IPO on the first day on the NYSE.

Uber stock odds via SportsBetting.AG

Real-time odds that will update until IPO date are published at Sportsbetting.ag.

Uber IPO (USD)
Over 99
Under 99

Uber IPO closing Day 1
Down 5/7 (-140)
Up 1/1 (+100)

Cryptocurrency trends have changed course from the last six months as numbers have been on the rise over the last few days. This prompted oddsmakers to forecast how high Bitcoin could rise this month.

Bitcoin odds via SportsBetting.AG

Real-time odds that will update through 4/30/19 at sportsbetting.ag.

Bitcoin value (USD) on April 30, 2019
Over 6,700
Under 6,700

Bitcoin value (USD) on December 31, 2019
5,000 or less 3/1 (+300)
5,000 – 10,000 1/1 (+100)
10,001 – 15,000 3/1 (+300)
15,001 – 20,000 5/1 (+500)
20,001 or higher 10/1 (+1000)

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