Off-Campus Housing Marketplace, MyRentHero, Raises Seed Round to Continue Growth

MIAMI, Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MyRentHero, a Miami startup tackling the off-campus housing market closed on a seed round investment from early-stage fund MC Capital. MC Capital, led by Martin Claure, identifies disruptive technology companies poised to redefine an industry or vertical.

MyRentHero, through its web-based and mobile app, simplifies the process for students, parents, and landlords to easily search for, share, tour, and apply online to their off-campus housing. In addition, the company serves as a total off-campus living resource to help students navigate the challenges they encounter with their first experience living on their own. What attracted the partners from MC Capital to the company was their deep domain experience and a passion for both real estate and tech.

“When I was a grad student at Northwestern, I identified this exact pain point that MyRentHero is solving. So I began an offline version of this. Fast forward 15+ years and I am having déjà vu and believe this market is going to be disrupted with technology. We followed MyRentHero’s MVP launch and we are extremely excited to roll this out regionally and then nationally,” said MC Capital managing partner, Martin Claure.

According to co-Founder and CEO, Greg Rothman, bringing in MC Capital adds additional firepower for the company. “We got incredible feedback during our beta phase (launched at University of Miami and University of South Florida) and adding really smart people to the team and on an investor and advisor level, we are positioning ourselves for success. It’s all about the team and we’ve added absolute rockstars this summer to help us own the market,” Rothman said.

Claure will join the Board of Directors.  Thomas “Tigre” Wenrich, investor and Board member of MyRentHero, and former Board member, and CFO of OpenEnglish said: “Adding the caliber of investor of MC Capital will help shape the future trajectory of the business. We are excited about the plans for the next couple of semesters and beyond.” These plans include adding University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Emory, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State, according to Rothman.