One Big Fintech Party!

Note from the Publisher:  Leave it to the Asians to figure out how to have fun with fintech!  Here in the US we have our typical symposiums and forums and conferences, and they’re all good, believe me.  We love that the fintech bandwagon has left the station.  But still, Singapore is hosting a FINTECH FESTIVAL in November.  From their website……”Look forward to our Hackcelerator Demo Day, Innovation Lab Crawl, FinTech Awards, FinTech Conference, Tech Risk Conference, RegTech Forum, and a grand closing party.”  A Hackcelerator, a lab crawl, and a grand closing party all in one place!  How fun is that for us fintech afficionados?!

“Those who follow the Fintech Sector closely in Singapore are surely having the time of their life. It’s that time of the year approaching where the craze and euphoria for a particular sector is at its crescendo. Almost reaching the levels of yearly F1 jamboree.

Adding to the chaos is the Marquee event announced by Monetary Authority of Singapore in April, the Singapore’s Fintech Festival. It was like the Caesar’s announcement of the gladiator games. “LET THE GAMES BEGIN”.

Almost all financial power houses is having its own bit of fun and party happening and the D-Day is 14 –Nov. From Banks to insurance companies, to payment companies are all having their own event hosted on 14-Nov, and practically at same time.”

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