OneWire Interview with Doug Haynes of Point 72 Asset Management

Note from the CEO:  Our partners at the employment site OneWire have provided us with a an interview of Doug Haynes, President of Point72 Asset Management (previously SAC Capital), with over $11B AUM.  Click the link below to watch the video interview or see the full article at Business Insider.

“Doug Haynes, President of Point72 Asset Management, sits down with OneWire CEO Skiddy von Stade to discuss his career in Part One of his Open Door interview. As an engineering major, Doug was recruited by the CIA for their growing programmer team straight out of college. He moved to GE’s advanced materials business shortly after and took a role that propelled him to get his MBA, eventually landing him at McKinsey after graduation.

Doug wasn’t expecting his next move to take him to the finance industry but after 22 years as a consultant, he was ready for a change. He went to work with Steve Cohen to help temporarily build out his team which led to a permanent role at the firm first as Managing Director of Human Capital. He was named President of Point72 just six months later. Check out the full article on Business Insider and watch his interview video (at this link)!”