OnPlace – An Important New Marketplace for Investing in Private Tech Firms & Their ICO


(SPONSORED) By Cindy Taylor/Publisher – I’ve spent the better part of the past two years creating a brand that educates our audience on all things financial technology.  One of the most important new vehicles we have covered at FintekNews are Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), also referred to as Token Generating Events (TGEs).  There have literally been thousands of ICOs since the new asset class was developed, some great, others not.

One of the latest and most interesting to enter that market is OnPlace, which has already received over $2.3M in seed money, according to Crunchbase, validation that early stage investors have found the platform and concept promising and investment-worthy. 

The firm has a VERY interesting model, inasmuch as their directive is to create a platform for private investments in promising new IT firms in the fastest growing segments of the IT market, including:

  • Fintech
  • Databases
  • B2B
  • Communications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analysis
  • Voice Recognition
  • Payments, etc. 

These deals have typically been very difficult for private investors to access in the past, and the investing & vetting process has also varied widely from deal to deal.  The OnPlace platform aims to solve that and create liquidity for both the investors and an investment marketplace for promising early stage IT companies seeking investments.

Their Token Distribution Event begins Thursday, February 1 at 8:00 am ET.

According to their website:

OnPlace is a FinTech platform that is creating a decentralised Over-the-Counter Investment Industry.

OnPlace aims to make the VC world more efficient by using Blockchain technology to dispose of unnecessary complexity, allowing to elicit maximum potential of investments.

The concept of the Private Assets Tokenization System (PATS) protocol lies in tokenising over-the-counter (OTC) assets for customers to invest into, and creating liquidity for the OTC environment.”

Systemizing all of its cumulating experience in the investment sphere, OnPlace focused all of its attention on one prioritized direction of developing financial markets, chiefly through the ICO mechanisms – investing into the businesses of closed private companies. We can say with absolute certainty that investment into private IT companies has become one of the most reliable ways to get a high return percentage on investments in a relatively short period of time. Developing the concept of the tokenization protocol of PATS, the OnPlace team set before itself the goal to lay the foundations in the partial realization of objectives to transition ICO to a new level.”

FintekNews was pleased to learn that the firm has received favorable ratings from the following ICO rating websites, and if you click through to these links, you can read external third party research rating this ICO opportunity:

Additional Press:

OnPlace will ultimately be offering tokenization of IT companies they have extensively vetted, with the following characteristics:

a) IT companies actively leading their business;
b) IT companies with the best development teams in the world;
c) IT companies offering innovative solutions, which have proven their necessity in the technology market;
d) IT companies with a working financial model / monetization model and with millions of users of the service around the world; and
e) IT companies which have been invested into by the biggest traditional VC investors of the world

Additional information on the firm can be found on the OnPlace website, including:

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