Oracle’s America’s Cup Supremacy Challenged by Fintech Sailboat

Note from the Publisher:  Our crack editorial team is once again at it in this latest (wholly fictional) installment  about tech superpowers jousting for supremacy – this time not in sales – but rather, in “sails”.  Enjoy!

Oracle’s super catamaran racing yacht which won a dramatic America’s Cup race on San Francisco Bay a few years ago is now being challenged by a new high tech yacht.  Tech company Sailsforce has developed “Roboat” which not only has sails BUT a series of oars that are crewed by a set of algorithmically programmed robots rowing at eye blinding speed. Watch out Oracle.

On a related note, another potential competitor Faceboat had to drop out due to having way too many opinions on the boat’s structure, how to sail it and if it were even worthwhile.