Payza Receives Recognition and Awards from FinTech Community for Cross-Border Payments Initiatives

LONDON, June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Payza, an award-winning global online payment platform, is quickly gaining recognition as a leading payments solution in the cross-border payments sector for their ongoing eCommerce and remittance offerings. Among this year’s achievements, the company is proud to announce their recent victories for the Customer Choice Award for Best International CNP Program at the 2017 CNP Expo and the Online Payment Method Award at the 2017 Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference.

Payza has been pushing the boundaries in the international payments industry for over 5 years, by consistently delivering innovative solutions and convenient services, supported by top-of-the-line customer service. With a strong focus on eCommerce for 2017, the company’s emphasis has been on cross-border business offerings worldwide, in many cases, by offering local currency solutions and specialized local funding options such as Boleto and Oxxo to encourage domestic economic growth. Another of the company’s core offerings has been their facilitation of remittances: these peer-to-peer transfers across borders, have proven foundational to the international marketplace.

“We helped raise the bar of how shoppers and merchants around the globe interact with online payments in a convenient and secure way,” said Payza CEO, Firoz Patel. “Our success could not have been achieved without our loyal international community. We have a deep appreciation for all our members and are eager to offer continued quality services to meet the needs of today’s global online consumer.”

Patel was recently invited to speak at the Payments Canada Summit in Toronto, Canada’s premiere payments conference, regarding ‘The Building Blocks of a Global Payments Ecosystem Driven by Innovative Payment Platforms’.  Mr. Patel offered a compelling presentation on how these new payment platforms, such as Payza, are providing payment services to the unbanked and under-serviced, leading to a fundamental change in how entire communities interact with the global online marketplace.

More recently, Payza became the first payment network to include bitcoin within its eWallet. Unsurprisingly, this announcement spurred excitement within the FinTech community and received notice across international media outlets. Since the company first began offering Bitcoin services to their members in 2014, it has become one of their most popular features. The company is actively working on the release of several other cryptocurrency services for 2017, including Altcoin exchanges and instant Bitcoin funding options for the Payza Card, the company’s reloadable prepaid card.

“Consumer demand is actually what’s making the change right now,” said Mr. Patel in a recent interview with Alastair Greener at Telegraph Studios for Business Reporter’s Future of Payments. “The trends are being determined by their needs, and their needs are dictating that people are looking for faster, easier methods of payment. They just want something more like a one-stop-shop.”

About Payza
Payza is an award-winning payments technology platform, owned by MH Pillars Ltd. The highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers around the world with practical solutions for processing online payments. Payza supports 26 currencies and serves over 13 million members in more than 190 countries.

Payza serves traditional and emerging markets, providing a wide range of built-in tools including: Online payment processing, online global money transfers, fraud screening, subscription billing, transaction dispute resolution, cryptocurrency exchange services, and global payouts.