Pockitapp LLC Partners With Dwolla

ORLANDO, Fla., March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pockitapp is launching locally in food/retail establishments across Central Florida.  Consumers collect change from cash transactions and it’s instantly available on their mobile wallet. They pay with cash, and get change back digitally, eliminating coins to carry, count, collect or convert. This fintech mobile app is being used seamlessly with retailers existing point of sale (POS) technology.

Because change that accumulates in the customer’s account is transferred to their checking, savings, gift cards or donated, Pockitapp needed a trusted and reliable partner in the digital payments arena.

Pockitapp is committed to be vigilant with the quality, safety and security of information passed and received between user, merchant and financial institution. After extensive research, the developers and business professionals at Pockitapp selected Dwolla. Dwolla provides a secure online payment system and mobile payment network to enable ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers, including vendor payments.

Besides scalability, agility and security consciousness, working with Dwolla allows Pockitapp to offer access to all financial institutions rather than just one. Dwolla’s philosophy regarding the value of digital infrastructure to securely exchange money was key in making the decision, especially in light of the billions in commerce processed annually for their many fast-growing tech company clients.

Christian Chicles, co-founder of the Pockitapp says, “Dwolla’s API is robust and extremely well designed.  This, in addition to their super friendly staff, created a smooth integration that the entire development team enjoyed. It’s not often a development team looks at an API doc and is excited about integrating. Dwolla’s API did that for us, and, turns out it did not disappoint.”