Pokemon Go Bitcoin Hack

Note from the Publisher:  Wtih all the hype around the new Pokemon Go App this week, we could not believe our good fortune (in reporting sensationalist fintech stories and writing WILDLY fanciful fintech headlines) to learn that it is possible to hack certain Android users’ bitcoin wallets, and steal the cryptocurrency from Pokemon GO users’ smartphones.  We couldn’t write it better if we made it up! 

It has been some time since the whole world got excited over anything related to Pokemon. The new mobile game for Android is creating a social media buzz, unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Unfortunately, the game is not available in every region of the world just yet. For example, European users will have to wait a few more days before downloading the official version.

It is possible to download the Pokemon Go APK file from third-party websites, such as APK Mirror and others. This particular website is reliable when it comes to hosting these files, as they are usually free of malware and virii. However, other platforms offering this download may be serving a malicious version of the application. “

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