Predictions for Top 10 ICOs of 2018


This is a first. I don’t believe I have ever seen a “top 10 list” for ICOs that may come out in the upcoming new year. Not surprised though. Cryptocurrencies are all the rage AND are just in their infancy. So, without further ado, here is a “tip sheet” for some Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to watch for in 2018. Uh, IF the SEC (NOT Southeast Conference football……..the regulator) doesn’t spoil the party.
Bill Taylor/CEO

“Let’s just recap this for a moment. Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, has made up the bulk of the headlines in 2017 (and has since its invention in 2009). In 2014, there was a feature length documentary called The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, which was a 2014 official selection by the Tribeca Film Festival.

If you had invested just $1 in bitcoin as late as 2015, your investment would be worth $7,420 (as of the writing of this article). In an era where most people are thrilled to see a consistent 8 percent return on their investments, a 7,420 percent return feels crazy. But bitcoin is not alone in this incredible digital currency growth. The gains in digital currencies appear to be experiencing their own bubble. In 2017 alone, currency traders and speculative investors such are quick to point out the following returns:

  • 8,294% in Quark
  • 13,595% in FastCoin
  • 5,683% in Asch
  • 8,313% in MediterraneanCoin
  • 5,248% in NoLimitCoin
  • 6,045% in MaxCoin
  • 7,477% in Golem coins
  • 11,328% in Decred coins
  • 6,792% in WorldCoin
  • 75,063% in Cryptonite
  • 59,577% in Influxcoin
  • And 823,750% in DubaiCoin

“Regulations Cannot Keep Pace With the Pace of Innovation”

In the trailer for The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, one of the industry experts says it best when he claims that “regulations cannot keep pace with the pace of innovation.” Many see cryptocurrencies as the next gold rush, and for different reasons. Some like the idea that these cryptocurrencies allow you to “put a bank in your pocket”…

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