Presscoin – An Important Advance in Freedom of Press & Their ICO


(SPONSORED) By Cindy Taylor/Publisher – I’ve spent my entire career in various facets of media – primarily on the sales management and consulting side, but more recently on the editorial side with the launch of FintekNews last year.  What I see over and over again is the extreme bias that even our most mainstream news organizations – however “accurate” their reporting – have come to represent. 

Young media entities also face incredible challenges competing with major media brands for revenue streams, and we know this challenge firsthand as a startup, even with our decades of experience in the industry.  With problems, though, always comes innovations and we’ve recently been introduced to an incredibly ambitious and important firm tackling nothing less than the issue of freedom of press, the very lynchpin of free societies – PressCoin. 

Most importantly, PressCoin platforms, described in more detail below, “compensate everyone involved with revenue and real asset ownership of the PressCoin ecosystem – journalists, citizens, NGOs, local news organizations, and local businesses”. 

The firm is launching their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on December 11, 2017.  Prior to then, they are offering a pre-ICO sales with bonuses and can be viewed through this link.

“First, a quick refresher on what an ICO actually is:

An ICO is primarily raising money to fund a coin, or a currency. An example of this is BitCoin or Ethereum. Similarly, PressCoin is also a currency. The initial fundraise for a currency is to inject liquidity into that market where the coin will be used. In this manner, it is actually not different from what governments do when they print money.

Here’s a short 44 second video explaining an ICO, from the perspective of an injection of capital into an economy:

The PressCoin token differs from other ICOs because each token is contractually linked (via blockchain) to individual equity shares in PressCoin UK, PLC.

PressCoin is a new cryptocurrency that powers the future of independent journalism and press. PressCoin is a set of new platforms for investigative reporting, elections monitoring, citizen reporters, hyperlocal news, and solutions journalismTogether, they change how journalism and news media is designed, created, funded, marketed, and delivered.

Created by a global team of award winning journalists, the UK based company, PressCoin Plc represents the revenue of a global set of platforms for the future of media, essentially unique media brands, but within a decentralized network.  They are:

INSURGE is the first journalism platform integrated with a social network for open inquiry and conversations covering climate, energy, economics, food, the deep state, war, culture, psychology, ideology and spirituality;

The global NextElection platform tracks elections around the world allowing local populations to engage on individual races, including elections monitoring, analysis, and community-scorecards;

A unique blend of local news, events, civic organizations, and businesses, Zolori is an end-to-end SaaS platform that brings together audiences and local news bureaus;

Mojonomy is building a global platform for citizen mobile journalists, allowing for both verified, on the ground reporting of events of all kinds, but also a way for quality journalism and content to surface up and for the citizens to get paid;

ChickenSoup.News (CSN) is a new media platform focused on positive change around the world.”

A PressCoin token works in a similar manner to Bitcoin, and can be used as a real world currency. It will be available to trade on several crypto exchanges post the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), creating an opportunity for traders. Similarly, each PressCoin token is linked to an individual share of the company, thereby representing a long term investment opportunity for Buffet-like investors.”

We particularly like that 25% of the proceeds will also be used for future incubator programs.  The multi-faceted nature of this offering, the depth of its team, their white paper and technical specifications, coupled with its purpose to “create a sustainable foundation for independent journalism – making free press possible – by enabling true independence – financial independence, while richly rewarding investors” make this an offering that we believe has immense value.

Additional information on the firm can be found on the PressCoin website, including:

Note:  FintekNews does not provide investment advice and is not registered as an investment advisor with any financial regulatory agencies in the US or abroad.  This sponsored post is for informational purposes only.  Investors should research any investment thoroughly, and analyze all potential risks before investing.  FintekNews bears no responsibility for any profits or losses that may be incurred by investing in this offering.