Prosper’s Ron Suber & His Sweet Sixteen Fintechs

Ron Suber

It’s true that we write a lot about Ron Suber in these pages, but that’s because he’s got his hands in so many pieces of the fintech pie.  The SF Business Journal recently published a story on him entitled To get ahead in fintech, you need to be in touch with everybody’s go-to guy: Ron Suber“.  FintekNews also recently posted “An Unofficial Chat with Ron Suber, the Tom Brokaw of Fintech“, delving into his recent investments and daily routines.

Suber currently holds investments in 16 fintechs at present, and acts as an advisor for several others.  He has also noted he’ll be adding “a few more” to the list shortly.  According to Crunchbase, he has personally invested with the following firms:

Orchard Platform
Even Financial
Patch of Land
ApplePie Capital

Suber has also invested with the following three RETechs:

PeerStreet &

We have spoken with a number of management teams from his investment portfolio firms, and he clearly invests with top talent.  The portfolio spans from early stage ventures to those 20+ years old, and covers everything from marketplace lending, student loan financing, and RETechs, to credit for the underbanked and more.  So, as we’ve noted before, if you want to know where financial technology is headed (and working), keep an eye on the sectors and companies Ron Suber is investing with. 
(Cindy Taylor, Publisher)

“However much money Suber has put into those startups — he won’t be more specific than “multiple millions” — entrepreneurs say his value goes far beyond the checks. He’s built fintech’s most impressive network, and he puts it to use for aspiring entrepreneurs whose business plans and passion catch his eye.

“Ron’s become the mayor of fintech,” said Stephen Dash, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Credible. Dash says the first thing on his agenda after arriving in San Francisco from his native Australia was to have coffee with Suber, who helped Dash raise an initial $10 million round at a $40 million valuation to start Credible, which works with millennials refinancing student loans…

Some might wonder where an executive at one of fintech’s largest firms finds time for an involvement in startups so extensive that a take-off of “The Godfather” movie poster recently circulated over social media, featuring Suber as the Don Corleone of marketplace lending.

“I’m a full-time employee at Prosper. I’m here everyday, I’m engaged with Prosper’s opportunities, traveling around the world telling the Prosper story,” Suber said, adding that the company is aware of his outside interests.

“I have a lot of time. I’m married for 26 years with two grown children,” he said. “I don’t have a girlfriend on the side. I don’t gamble and I don’t play golf, so I find myself with a lot of extra time for these investments and advising, in addition to my full-time job at Prosper.”

As DocuSign’s Springer put it: “Most people go golfing. Ron goes networking.”
It’s a huge part of Suber’s appeal as an adviser and investor…”

Source: SF Business Times