Public/Private Enterprise Chicago Blockchain Center Opens

Chicago Blockchain

Ah, Chicago and the innovation that goes on there is booming. Most people have heard about the financial problems (understatement) in Illinois BUT they really don’t know much about how forward thinking the state and Chicago are. Having spent a couple of decades in the Windy City’s financial markets I can certainly attest to the incredible spirit in getting things done. Here is a great new blockchain venture that I have to mention because one of the partners is the CME Group (the Merc) and WHATEVER they do………..well, just get on board. Now if the weather would be a bit nicer……….
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Several of Chicago’s largest enterprises have joined forces with the State of Illinois to formally launch a new blockchain center in the Windy City.

With partners that include the CME Group mercantile exchange, principal trading firm DRW and the State of Illinois, the Chicago Blockchain Center (CBC) was set up to help incubate local blockchain startups, mentor entrepreneurs and students, conduct original research and host a variety of events.

As part of the launch, the non-profit – founded by Bloq chairman and co-founder Matt Roszak – will be taking on the State of Illinois’ blockchain business liaison, Jennifer O’Rourke, as its first director of public engagement.

In interview, O’Rourke told CoinDesk:
“With this partnership, the State of Illinois is directly connected to, and moreover responsible for, working with the blockchain community day to day to understand the needs of the community and meet them with bespoke programming and collaboration.”
Other founding partners include fintech trade association FinTEx Chicago, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the Blockchain Education Network and Bloq.

While DRW is not well known in the blockchain industry, its wholly owned subsidiary, Cumberland Mining, rose to prominence in 2015 when it acquired at auction 27,000 bitcoins from the US Federal Marshalls auction of Silk Road assets…

The CBC has evolved from an earlier incarnation founded in 2015, the Chicago Bitcoin Center, which was also founded by Roszak. One founding partner behind the Bitcoin Center, Bloq investor Tally Capital, has joined the new expanded operation as a strategic partner….”

Source: CoinDesk