PwC & InvestCloud Partner

Note from the Publisher:  InvestCloud is a very interesting cloud-based platform for investment managers that literally offers (well figuratively offers) soup to nuts.  They have a web design portal, CRM, client communications, client management, mobile olutions, content management, data aggregation and a large number of financial applets that can be utilized for trading, risk management, etc.  They’ve joined forces with PwC’s new fintech division to promote enterprise delivery (a/k/a sales) and development of new applications (applets) for the platform. 

“InvestCloud, LLC, the world’s largest Digital Applet Platform specifically designed to meet the needs of all types of financial services organizations, (has) announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive joint business relationship with PwC designed to accelerate adoption and implementation of the InvestCloud Digital Applet Platform. PwC will be a preferred implementation and strategy partner of InvestCloud focused on enterprise delivery and innovative development of new financial applet capabilities.

“InvestCloud has built an innovative and one-of-a-kind digital applet platform leveraged by 660 independent and institutional clients globally with over $1.5 trillion in assets on the platform,” said John Wise, CEO and Co-Founder of InvestCloud. “PwC is one of the largest strategic consulting organizations in the world, and has an excellent track record of connecting scalable innovative solutions like InvestCloud with some of the world’s largest financial brands. We are thrilled to partner with them to support our continued growth across the globe.

InvestCloud’s Digital Applets are used across the financial services eco-system to deliver intuitively designed digital solutions for clients, advisors, and operations. The leader in digital client communications, management, and automation, InvestCloud empowers financial institutions to deliver digital differentiation and automation capabilities to internal users and external clients and partners.”

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