PWC Endorses Blockchain

Note from the CEO: Here’s Price Waterhouse out with a few more views basically saying adopting blockchain technologies is inevitable. So, they have figured out that a mass adoption of this “new fangled” blockchain stuff is real. Wow, but I think we all know that. 

PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC) recently recently hosted a discussion for the Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) sector to specifically look at the application and potential of distributed ledger technology on their business. “From our work across the financial services sector, it is clear to us that Blockchain applications have the potential to transform the industry,” said Steve Webb, Partner at PwC & UK lead for Blockchain. “Blockchain is not just hype – there is real interest in this topic.”

The discussion panel included Dr. Lee Braine of Barclays Investment Bank CTO Office, Simon Taylor of 11:FS, Eris Industries’ Casey Kuhlman, and PwC’s Ajit Tripathi. “The panel largely agreed that mass adoption of Blockchain technologies, across a broad range of use cases, is becoming inevitable,” states Webb.

Dr. Lee Braine’s blockchain work at Barclays focuses on smart contracts and shared ledgers. He has experience in investment banking, clearing & settlement, stock exchanges, corporate banking, and wealth management.”

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