Ready For A Blockchain Career Move?

Tired of being a swimming pool lifeguard? A “between movies” actress/actor? Well how about a new career in blockchain? Of course you will need some new skills and KPMG has come out with their take on the top four skills you will need to launch your transformation. By now everyone has heard that blockchain is changing the world and has so many applications that its impossible to list them all. But, focus on these top skills first if you are thinking career move; Business acumen, Tech literacy, Data analysis and Hacker mentality. Read more in-depth below while I go back to the pool.

Bill Taylor/Fintek Capital

“…While it’s no panacea, blockchain is already helping businesses mitigate recalls and fraud, drive new process efficiencies, and reduce costs. This year, KPMG expects to see an increase in the number of companies exploring this technology — from identifying new business models to piloting projects and progressing to scalable solutions.

As the noise around blockchain is quieting down, it will soon face a new challenge: a severe lack of talent. Somewhat surprisingly, a significant amount of the talent resides on college campuses. Younger generations have witnessed the maturity and evolution of Bitcoin and blockchain and are therefore the most interested in and comfortable with the technology.

As a platform that transcends business silos, blockchain depends on teams with industry expertise and business acumen. New hires — whether a recent grad or an experienced professional — do not need to be technologists to be considered for a blockchain position. While these skills can be learned in non-technical roles, they are essential to successfully deploy — and most importantly, scale — blockchain solutions…”

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