Record Fintech VC Ain’t No Big Thang

Note from the Publisher:  While we admittedly swoon over all things fintech, not everybody feels the same way.  The following piece points out that of the 5,000+ fintech startups worldwide, as few as 30 have shown promise to be able to scale internationally, and the fact that there has been record invesment in fintechs in 2016 thus far is to be expected, since it is essentially a new industry.

“The past six months of 2016 were a record high for fintech investment. And for the first time ever, Asia has become the #1 market in terms of the amount invested.

However, this is trivial. Such headlines as, “Last month\quarter\six months were a record high for fintech investments,” are suitable only for media. From the market perspective, fintech (like any other new and fast growing industry) is growing at the exact rate it should be. But if it stops doubling every year and slows down its growth or starts to grow four times faster, then it’s worth writing about.”

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